Ice Cream Truck Event Options, Pricing, and Packages

Ice Cream Truck Event Options, Pricing, and Packages

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Weddings/Engagement Parties/Cocktail Parties

Instead of your traditional wedding favor, opt for Sweet Ice Queen to provide a late-night snack or second dessert! After a long night of fun and dancing, chances are your guests will be thrilled to indulge a bit longer before ending the night! Having treats from Sweet Ice Queen is a trendy, unforgettable way to say “thank you!” How amazing would it be if the bride and groom served the first guest? What a photo opportunity!

Looking to surprise your soon-to-be bride or groom? Do they have a favorite food or snack? We can help make your surprise unforgettable!

Corporate Events/Employee Appreciation Days/ Corporate Picnics

Want a perfect way to say “thank you” for your hard work? Sweet Ice Queen will extend your gratitude by serving a treat and a smile to employees and/or customers. This can be an amazing way to boost team morale!

Why not make it a monthly “Appreciation Day?” We can customize any treat for any season! Hot chocolate and donuts will warm up any December workday!

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Block Parties/ Unique Group Gift

Having an annual block party? Book Sweet Ice Queen to swing by and make kids of all ages smile! It will be a big hit—we promise! We offer a huge selection of items from our pristine truck!

Birthday/Graduation Parties

Looking for a great party idea? What is music to every ear? Yes… the heavenly sound of an ice cream truck!!! Imagine the excitement when the Sweet Ice Queen arrives at your child’s party!! Make your party unforgettable and the best part of all… no stress, no mess for you!

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School Events/Field Days/Back-to-School Nights

Looking for an easy, convenient way to serve kids of all ages in a short time? Call us! Have the Sweet Ice Queen take all the stress away!! The Sweet Ice Queen will make any school event a hit and bring an extra special experience! Please ask about our school discount.

Bar Mitzvahs/Bat Mitzvahs

Looking for a trendy, unique way to serve a second dessert or an unforgettable party favor? Your guests will go wild when they leave your party, hearing the ice cream music and seeing our Sweet Ice Queen truck! We can serve ice cream and treats with a smile… and better yet… we’ll let the guest of honor do the serving. What a great way to thank all the guests! What an unforgettable photo! The height and shape of the serving window make a great photo frame.

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Sporting Events/ Religious Events

Looking for a fast and easy way to serve kids of all ages in a short time? Call us! Have the Sweet Ice Queen take all the stress away! The Sweet Ice Queen will make any event a hit and bring an extra special experience!


Looking for a fast and easy way to serve kids of all ages a special treat? Book Sweet Ice Queen to swing by and provide a treat with a smile! We will take away all the stress and leave you no mess! It will be a big hit… we promise! We offer a huge selection from our pristine truck. We also can add your school or camp to our weekly/monthly route.

Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities

What is music to all ears and can bring you back to childhood? Yes… the ice cream truck! Imagine the feeling of nostalgia of your guests, and residents will have when they hear the music and see the Sweet Ice Queen roll into the parking lot to serve a delicious treat! We can also add your facility to our weekly/monthly route.

Fun Gift/Special Delivery Of Your Favorite Ice Cream Novelty

Looking for a delicious way to say “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations?” Sweet Ice Queen can customize a favorite novelty box and deliver it with a special note to a residence or business within 25 miles from 07470.

Have a personal favorite that you would like for your freezer? Sweet Ice Queen will make special deliveries of your favorite novelty ice cream. $40 product minimum and delivery fee.

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Sweet Packages
Sweet Ice Queen’s pricing is simple.

All packages include:

  • Delicious premium frozen treats
  • Our clean Sweet Ice Queen truck
  • 1-2 professional & friendly servers*
  • 30-45 minutes of service**
  • Utensils/paper goods
  • Set-up and cleanup of our area
  • No stress and no mess!

Ice Cream Truck Pricing

How much would it cost to have the Sweet Ice Queen make your event unforgettable?

Sweet Ice Queen comes with a flat rate. Novelty ice creams and/or scooped ice cream cone/cup $4 along with a $150.00-$200 truck fee *minimum of 25 guests.

Is there a minimum of guests?

Yes, we have a minimum of *25* guests or pieces served.

How does Sweet Ice Queen make your event "unforgettable"?

We are not just your average ice cream truck. As soon as our pink wheels roll up to you event, we treat your guests to a happy, unique experience with our pristine truck. From arrival to departure, we PROMISE no fuss, no mess, and the Sweet Queen will leave smiles behind when we drive away. Sweet Ice Queen provides your guests with personalized tickets, redeemable for their selection. The Sweet Ice Queen guarantees to provide guests of all ages an “experience” with fancy flair and lots of sweetness.

How can I secure my date/time of event for the Sweet Ice Queen and forms of payment accepted?

We require a $100 deposit to secure your date/time. The deposit will be deducted from your balance on the day of your event. Final payment is cash, bank check, or VISA/MC/AMEX* small processing fee may apply for credit cards.

Will the Sweet Ice Queen provide special rates or fundraisers?

Schools or organizations with high volumes may be eligible for discount.

What radius does the Sweet Ice Queen visit?

We typically travel within 20 miles of 07470. We will travel outside of this radius for an additional charge per mile.

How long is a typical visit?

A typical visit is 30 minutes. We promise to have your guests served in a professional, organized fashion with one smile at a time. 🙂